Visagism in Practice

A Coaching for your personal image.

Many people are unhappy with their appearance. Even in these situations, you should know that it is possible to find your best look, from the clothes to the perfect hair, adopting attitudes that will take your self-esteem to the heights, and will influence your personal and professional trajectory in life.

All you need to know (and do) to feel good in the mirror and with yourself!• your style, your clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories;
• face types, harmonization, and behavior;
• perfumes that work with you;
• from the haircut to the hair color;


This book was a watershed. I've never seen content that really sets me up to level up. However, with the clarity of this book, I could understand that I can increase my professional skills with visagism.

Ana Paula Peixoto, Hairdresser

Simply enriching! This book made me a much more complete professional.

Selma Franco, Hairdresser e Makeup artist

Robson Trindade

CEII - Bureau of Visagism. Pres. of the National Association of the Visagists. Author, writer and publisher of works with philosophical foundation, that have revolutionized in Brazil the knowledge of the appearance, supports all the constructions of personal image in the presence and virtual environment. He is the coordinator of the MBA in "Visagismo: projects and businesses for personal and corporate image", Paulista Research Faculty. Master in PUC / SP in Technology of Intelligence, with scientific researches on the theme "Visagism and the Construction of the Virtual Image".


Visagism Books - by Robson Trindade, is a collection of easy and practical language that aims to make you better understand your client in all aspects, leading to a better understanding and execution of the procedures to be applied and raising your earnings and productivity to a much higher level.